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 Please note that all shows are based off crowd participation, tips and politeness, and that all dancers charge extra for lap dances and games. The above rates are show up fees only which a portion of the fee goes to the dancer / entertainer for travel and prep time and the rest of the fee goes to the agency for the show reservation. Our Exotic Dancers shows can last longer than the initial hour as long as everyone is having a great time, respecting the dancers, tipping, and the dancers schedules permits it.

Entertainment for the entire crowd

We guarantee our exotic dancers will stay up to an hour as long as everyone is tipping, participating and having fun.  If the exotic dancers decide to stay longer than the hour they where booked for there will not be an extra fee, as long as they do not have another show scheduled after yours.

Price Match Guarantee

We will price match any reputable company, so if you find another company offering the same quality entertainment / service for a better price please feel free to ask about our price match guarantee.

How to Tip a Stripper / Tipping Etiquette

Please remember that dancers work for TIPS and all games during the party are based on audience participation and require tips to play! We appreciate your cooperation and will continue to provide you with the best and wildest male strippers and female strippers that the industry has to offer! We will make your party a night to remember!

Travel Fee

Some areas may incur a distance fee depending on your party location and the dancers you choose.

Payment Information

Deposit may be required at time of reservation and the remaining balance will be due in cash when your female strippers or male exotic dancers arrive to your party/event. Please have the remaining balance due in cash. The dancer is to collect the cash balance as soon as he or she get in a changing room.


Same day service is available, but we still recommend making reservations as early as 2-4 weeks in advance.

Party time Slots

Dancers may stay longer than the original time booked for if the tips are good and their schedule permits it. *Allotted times are based on participation and tipping please note dancers may leave a party early if the tips are not flowing.

Base Fee

Prices do not include tips. This is the show-up fee or base fee only, a portion of which covers the dancers time and travel expenses. The dancers depend on your participation in their activities, and your tipping generosity. All Dancers work for tips throughout all portions of their show. All dancers in the industry operate according to this industry standard.


No Refunds no exceptions Cancellation fee is the show up fee if the dancer arrives or is on the way and you decide to cancel for what ever reason. Cancellation fee if you cancel 6 Hours before the dancer/s is on their way to your party is the deposit you leave at time of reservation which is usually $10.00 to $20.00 depending on the show type you booked.

No Backyard parties

Please do not ask our entertainers to dance in the back yard it is illegal for them to do so, as well as the home owner could get a fine.

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