Skin City Go Go Southern California's Best Male and Female Go Go Dancers

Riverside Orange County | Los Angeles Palm Springs | San Diego

Male and Female Go Go Dancers Pricing

Rates Start at $75 per hour per dancer

Please call for multiple GoGo Dancers pricing packages.

Check out our Female Go GO Dancers or Male Go Go Dancers to pick your Go Go Dancers for your next Club Show, Private Party, or Corporate Event.

Skin City go go’s provides the hottest male and female go go dancers in all of California.  We provide an ultimate go go experience for any occasion.  We also offer club contracts with special rates based on volume.  From a club show to a corporate event skin city go go’s can handle all of your go go dancer needs in all of California.

Ready to Book your Go Go Dancers?

Entertainment for the entire crowd
Our Go Go dancers will liven up the atmosphere with their energetic dancing and fun vibe .

Dancers Breaks
Breaks – Dancing is hard work, and our dancers need to be able to look and perform their best for you.  In order to do that no dancer will dance more than 20 minutes per hour of work.  This is all included in the price of the dancer and no additional break fees will be added on to the booking fee.

Travel Fee
Some areas may incur a travel fee depending on the location and the Go Go Dancers you choose.

Initial show fee is due to the dancers in cash at time of arrival.  If additional hours have been requested during your “pre booking” please pay for those up front as well.  If you require additional hours for a party that our dancers are currently at then you must take care of the additional payment prior to the additional hours starting. A Deposit may be required at time of reservation and the remaining balance will be due in cash when the go go dancers arrives. Please have the remaining balance due in cash. The dancer is to collect the cash balance as soon as he or she gets in a changing room.

Same day service is available, but we still recommend making reservations as early as 2-4 weeks in advance.

No Refunds no exceptions Cancellation fee is the show up fee if our go go dancers arrives or is on their way to the event and you decide to cancel for what ever reason. Cancellation fee if you cancel 6 Hours before the dancer/s is on their way to your party is the deposit you leave at time of reservation which is usually $10.00 to $20.00 depending on the show type you booked.

Thank you for choosing Skin City GoGo Southern California’s Best Go Go Dancing Agency


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